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Titanic Graveyard in Halifax, NS. Canada where most of the recovered are buried.

The last body recovered from the Titanic wreck was James McGrady’s. McGrady’s body was still wearing a lifejacket when it was recovered from the icy waters. There is some dispute as to whether the recovery ship Algerine or the Montmagny recovered his body. According to the roster of bodies, the steamer Algerine recovered McGrady’s body on June 6th. He was buried in Fairview Lawn Cemetery in Halifax, Nova Scotia with other Titanic victims.

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Oldest passenger to live was pictured here. Millvina Dean.She died when she was 97.The ironic thing is that she was the Youngest passenger onboard the Titanic.She was only 9 weeks old.

Section Of Cemetery Where TITANIC Casualties Are Burried - cemeteries-and-graveyards Photo halifax canada

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Des photos à bord du Titanic

Inside the Titanic

At Fairview Cemetery 121 victims of the Titanic disaster are resting. The other 29 victims buried in Halifax can be located at Mount Olivet Cemetery and Baron de Hirsch Cemetery. All in all, 150 victims were put to rest here, in the so-called "City of Sorrow"

Mr Victor Francis SUNDERLAND Age 20 Nationalité Anglaise Né le 17 mars 1892 Décédé le 21 août 1973 à Toronto, (Canada) Profession Fermier Adresse Londres, (Angleterre) Port d'embarquement Southampton Voyageant en 3ème Classe N° du Ticket SOTON/OQ 392089 / £8 1s Cabine Embarqué dans le Canot B Puis Transféré dans le ? enterré Cimetière St. John's Norway, Toronto, Ontario, (Canada)