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Petition · NEPAL! Stop Barbaric Festivals, Stop religious slaughtering of animals, Stop animal abuse and suffering ·

Look, I get it. People eat meat. I eat meat. Most of all I HATE dogs being considered edible, its been done for hundreds of years. I have no problem with meat, any kind, just treat the poor animal kindly. Give them room to breathe, make sure they're dead before you skin them and kill them quickly. Don't steal the animal from a loving family to make more money. Is this too much to ask for? Hopefully this raises awareness in China and helps the meat industry change for the better.

Pétition : Création d'une brigade attachée à la protection animale

Hunted, Piled in The Road and Then Dumped in a Rubbish Pile! Put A Stop To Stray Dog Culling In Pakistan! |

Demandez à la Russie de laisser les animaux en dehors de sa conquête spatiale | Agissez | - 1

Laetitia a renoncé à ses études en neurosciences, choquée par ce qu’elle y a vu. Écœurée par les expérimentations sur rats mais également par toute une atmosphère entre déni et cynisme. Un témoignage...

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3 videos (Viewer discretion) children exposed to brutality in dog meat trade … #saynotodogmeat

Petición · Kerastase (L'Oreal) L'Oreal USA 1-877-254-9949 575 Fifth Avenue New York, New York 10017 http://www.: QUE LA SOCIÉTÉ Kerastase (L'Oreal) STOP LA VENTE DE PRODUITS ISSU DE L'EXPÉRIMENTATION ANIMAL ·

Please don't lend your art to making innocent creatures suffer in the Festival du Cochon 2014 / Prière de ne pas prêter votre art à faire so...

French blog about animal injustice in China... --