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Avec l'hiver qui approche, il devient plus difficile de se motiver à faire du sport. Et pour flemmarder, on trouve toujours de bon argument: pourquoi faire du sport avant l'hiver...

the-exercist: Resource Masterlist: Running Edition Proper Form: The Most Common Running Form Mistakes - Running.Competitor Expert Tips for Proper Running Form - Daily Burn Components of Good Running Form - Chi Running Foot Strike - TEAM Chiropractic What to Wear: What to Wear for Summer Running - The Active Times How to Layer for Winter - Running Competitor Clothes - Running for Fitness What Not to Wear Running - Running Apparel - Runners World How to Fit Running Shoes…

Another menswear look I love, so simple, love the black and khaki / olive…

without the man clutch, please. (Agreed but the shoes are too light without it. So no clutch and darker shoes. I know what they are called but my perfect husband still says it's a purse. You will not catch him wearing this or with a purse even if I do like the outfit. I miss my Ken doll LOL ~Imelda)

BMSAVOIRSN - Savoir-faire

So awesome 90s vintage stonewashed BONGO skirt 11

So awesome 90s vintage stonewashed BONGO skirt 11 So awesome 90s vintage stonewashed BONGO skirt Women's Size 11 High Waisted . Such an awesome throw back to the 90s. Look at the inside tag!! 😊😊😊 Vintage sizing so it runs different and is "juniors" marked size 11. Meant to wear high ok waist. Approx 27" waist 36" at widest hip An approx 18" long Please note rust stains on front. As is. I do not know if they will come out but still awesome & wearable. BONGO Skirts Mini

Lye Safety |Teach Soap - this is a VERY good reminder to those of us working with lye, you can NEVER be too careful. It's dangerous stuff. Look up the MSDS, know what you're working with, wear gloves, goggles, have vinegar and baking soda and running water ready just in case. And always remind yourself just how dangerous lye can be. Then take precautions and make soap. Have fun doing it, but safety first!