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I love this! I feel like there is a lot of judgement towards people who are overweight, but how I see it.. as long as they are TRYING to be healthier, I have no reason to look at them any differently than I look at myself. We all start at different weights and sizes; it's the process that I respect <3
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Yikes. That's perspective. http://amzn.to/2qG9FlD
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the skinny on fat

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Weight loss motivation, so gross when I think about how much of this is on me!
Always love doing gymnastics on the  beach! <3 #handstand #pointed-toes #beach
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Have to post this again because it's so true for me. Today I was wiping the counters in the kitchen and he had his mini towel wiping the baby gate at the door. I know he's watching and learning from us and I'm trying to give him the greatest example I can.

And Do Some Reps While Watching Game of Thrones