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Labeled "Anglo Saxon Wild Boar", if you follow the link you will find it is 4th century _Saxon_ (from Germany), so not _Anglo_-Saxon.

Male Costume noble early twelfth, eastern France Great collections of men's…

Treasure from Sutton Hoo Anglo Saxon

Statuette of an ibex - Gold. South Arabian Peninsula, I millennium BC.

Anglo Saxon/Viking pendant 400 A.D. - 1000 A.D. I love ancient jewelry.

A la découverte des Guerriers Gaulois de Tintignac. Voici une Tête de sanglier en bronze moulé avec une oreille. Interprété comme un pavillon de carnyx (trompette de guerre), il lui manque l'extrémité de la machoire supérieure et le boutoir. Source Photo : © Patrick Ernaux, Inrap Archéologue responsable C. Maniquet

The Mallia Bee Pendant was recovered from a looted Minoan tomb on the Mediterranean island of Crete. Made of gold, the bee iconography of this piece is a testament to the importance of bees to society in the Late Bronze Age.

Gilded wooden figurine of a deer from the Pazyryk burials, 5th century BC..............(The bearers of the Pazyryk culture were horse-riding nomads of the steppe)