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You are going to die! - skirt, anime, magic, freedom, cute, sweet, pixiv fantasia, awesome, female, sky, game, long hair, nice, sword, demon, beauyt, cool, beauty, beautiful, fantasy, white hair, pretty, weapon, uniform, red eyes, anime girl

Image d'anime 740x1017 avec original harin 0 single tall image looking at viewer breasts red eyes white hair very long hair cleavage midriff no bra collarbone parted lips head tilt eyelashes nurse albino girl dress

✮ ANIME ART ✮ pretty girl. . .long hair. . .hair pulled back. . .dress. . .ruffles. . .ribbons. . .forest. . .nature. . .trees. . .sunlight. . .sparkling. . .cute. . .kawaii

Sonoda Umi. Love Live! School Idol Project. #anime

少女の黙示録 / Artist:

✮ ANIME ART ✮cherry blossoms silver long hair anime girl

Image d'anime 1280x1400 avec akeiro kaikitan velvet (akeiro kaikitan) sumeragi kohaku long hair single tall image looking at viewer red eyes game cg white hair girl thighhighs black thighhighs feather (feathers)

(Face: unknown) hey....I'm Raven, I'm blind and I get angered easily, but other than that, I'm pretty chill. I'm 14 and single

So much beauty and majesty in this piece of Anime Art :)

I want some of these dice! That could make for some fun writing exercises: toss out a couple rolls and write scenes with the resulting character types :)