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"You sound just like your mother." Derek to Meredith, Grey's Anatomy quotes

HEART BROKEN. So that's the end of #CalZona??????

Grey's Anatomy

"I gave up everything for you." Derek to Meredith, Grey's Anatomy quotes, no, don't leave!!

Derek's Mom: You see things in black and white. Meredith doesn't. You need a spoonful of that. You need her. She's the one. Meredith's Ex: He's the one. Derek: Would you still love me if I wasn't a surgeon? Meredith: Will you still love me if I fail? Derek: Look at me. Look at me. Meredith: Derek, look at me. Grey's Anatomy quotes, MerDer love, I just love these two together!

"I came home." Derek Shepherd to Meredith Grey, Grey's Anatomy quotes

Derek and Meredith

Derek and Meredith

Grey's Anatomy! Derek & Meredith

Grey's Anatomy Derek Shepherd

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