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omg....LOL This was to funny!!

Lawyer: You'll need a name for your corporation. Cristina Yang: How about...The Bitter Pills. Arizona Robbins: Epic Failure. Meredith Grey: Death Spiral. Derek Shepherd: Blind Leading the Blind Incorporation. Grey's Anatomy quotes

"my mom" LOL at least Derek understood her!!

Mark and Sofia Grey's Anatomy | ... taggés "Sofia Torres Robbins Sloan" - Grey's Anatomy -

Derek: What happened? Meredith: Uh, tequila. Grey's Anatomy quotes

Where oh where is the voicemail Derek left when this scene happened?!!?!??!? Remember Derek was on the ferry boat and called Meredith but had to leave a voicemail because his family was hurrying out the door.

on the set of Grey's Anatomy with Sara Ramirez