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Chevrotain / Mouse Deer

Deer Mouse or Chevrotain

22 Of The Cutest Animal Babies You've Never Seen Before

Baby-Chevrotain---Chevrotains are also known as mouse deer. They can be found in the forests of South and Southeast Asia, with one species in the rainforests of Central and West Africa. They live alone or in pairs. The smallest species are the smallest hooved animals in the world. Their love of water has lent support to the idea that whales evolved from water-loving creatures that looked like small deer!

24 hours in pictures

A chevrotain, or mouse deer, in its enclosure at Zurich zoo [Photo: Patrick B. Kraemer/Keystone/AP]

Greater Mouse (Not) deer

An albino mouse deer (In Yangon Zoological Gardens)

Photographer - Jerry Hull

Indian Muntjac (photo by Iorboaz via The Muntjac or barking deer is the oldest known deer dating to 15 -35 million years ago and has a bark similar to that of a dog. It grows to the height of 5-75 cm and is characterized by two raised ridges from the forehead that extend to the antlers. the Indian Muntjac (Muntiacus muntjak) is the mammal with the lowest recorded number of chromosomes. The male has a diploid number of 7, the female has 6. In contrast other muntjac, such as…