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"Mother and Child" by Dave Scolnick: A mother and her infant rest along the road side in Kanha National Park in India.
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Noble Glance by Eric Rock | A lemur hangs out in a tree in Ranomafana National Park, Madagascar.  Although lemurs take center stage, there is an incredible array of flora and fauna to see on Madagascar. There are more than 11,000 endemic plant species on the island, and from 1999 to 2010, scientists discovered 615 new animal species in Madagascar.
Wildlife Photo of the Day - September 30, 2016: I am definitely in love with those black faced langurs in India. They are hilariously funny at times and they are everywhere to keep a photographer happy.
"The Stare" by Marian Herz: We arrived early at our hotel near the monkey park, so we decided to trek up to the monkeys for the first afternoon. It was overcast and light was fading, but the monkeys were still at the springs and feeding. I was able to zoom in on this one monkey and capture his stare.
"Silhouette" by Marian Herz: Our group had stayed at the monkey park the entire day. The sun was getting low. Our guide had suggested that we consider looking for back-lit subjects. I saw some monkeys crossing over a wall to head up the cliff. I repositioned so that the sun was behind them. Finally I saw one lone monkey starting across and I got the shot.
"A Mother's Love" by Ann Sullivan: India's Ranthambore National Park is home to many langurs, members of the family of Old World monkeys. This mother and baby were near one of the park's entrances.  This photo was taken while in India with Nat Hab.
"Relaxation" by Brad Josephs: During Nat Hab's Wild Side of China trip, we visit Bifengxia Panda Base where you can view pandas in a more natural setting. Established in 2003, the 1,000-acre reserve of untouched natural forest offers an ideal native habitat for the pandas who live there.
"Comfy Resting Place" by Brad Josephs: Giant pandas, while still endangered, are on the rise.  The panda population is up nearly 17 percent in the past decade -- a major victory!  This panda was photographed on Nat Hab's Wild Side of China Photo Adventure.
"Orangutan in Borneo" by Mark Jefferis: While hiking along a river in Borneo, I was lucky enough to spot this orangutan come out of the forest for a drink of water.