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Why I switched from Mailchimp to Convertkit

Why I switched from Mailchimp to convertkit and the pros and cons of both. Convertkit allows for easy segmentation, really simple email courses, and it only counts a subscribers as ONE subscriber no matter how many times they sign up. To learn more just click through to the blog post!

How I Got 600+ Subscribers In 3 Weeks After 4 Failed Opt-ins Attempts

How to Create an Awesome Opt In. And how I gained 600+ subscribers in 3 weeks after 4 failed opt-in offers.

Target Segmentation by Generations: Maturists, Baby Boomers, Generation X, Generation Y, Generation Z [Infographics]

The One BIG Email Marketing Strategy You’re Missing

Are you making this big email mistake? // If you run an online-based business, email marketing is the most important tool you have. *PIN* this how-to and use list segmentation and tagging to grow your small business.

Revealed: The Actual Reason Why Strategic Marketing Plan Tends To Make Everyone Happier #marketing

Newsletter Content Ideas To Send & Engage Your Subscribers

What to send your subscribers: Here are 11 newsletter content ideas that are absolutely amazing! Get your subscribers engaged and uplevel your email marketing for your blog + business.

Entrepreneur Diaries: How to Get Paid to be Creative

So if you’ve been thinking it’s impossible to get paid with your creative talents it’s because you’re right. I wish we lived in a world where we could just make pretty things and automatically get paid for it. But that’s not the case. You have to learn the business behind making money. The strategies that lead to success. | How to Get Paid to Be Creative | Think Creative Collective

Tips for Consistent Blogging

Bloguer quotidiennement cela s'apprend et des outils peuvent nous aider.

How to Make a Media Kit + What to Include (Even if your blog is brand new!)

how to make a media kit

What Is A Joint Venture Webinar (and how can I use them to grow my email list)

What is a joint venture webinar and how can I use them to grow my email list?? Joint Venture Webinars are the answer to growing your online business fast! Grow your email list, your online presence, your trust factor, and YOUR REVENUE! Click through for the details!