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TA'ETA'E. Important. This tattoo was requested by Marco and it represents a change that brings him from his family of origin (ipu in the past) to creating his own (on top in the center of the sun: the couple, the flax leaves and the chess-like motif). The centipede and[...]

Fighter. Tenacity. This half sleeve tattoo was prepared for Anton and it represents the spirit of the fighter who[...]

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Rawe. Excellence. Vertically along this tattoo requested by Mauro there are three circular shapes which recall the triple twist as meeting of cultures and the sun as a symbol of positivity, eternity and success. The tiki at the bottom protects family from[...]

Dessin de Tatouage de Tortue Maori Polynésien avec Tete de Tiki Centrale - Maori Polynesian Turtle Tattoo Design with Tiki Head by Niku

Akitu. Success, top. The main elements of this tattoo requested by Rabih are a hammerhead shark and a turtle: tenacity, determination and strength to face every challenge, and family. The all seeing eye is central in the tattoo to keep enemies away. The hammerhead shark has protected family from every adversity taking it to success (the sun on top) thanks to[...]

Tatouage maori

Yin Yang. Halfsleeve. This half sleeve tattoo was requested by Rick to represent harmony and balance based on some specific elements. Centrally on the shoulder, a yin yang was designed using a path of Kamehameha representing a difficult path that shapes the yang, with moray eels inside for adversities, "evil"; in the middle of it, the[...]

Dessin de Tatouage Polynésien avec un Soleil Tête de Tiki présidant la pièce au centre

Family. LMS. On the shoulder of this half sleeve tattoo the turtle symbolizes the importance of family, which[...]