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Explorez Pain D'Epices, Animaux Rigths et plus encore !

Your pleasure is their lifetime of pain. Teach your children the TRUTH about captivity.

The TRUTH about male dorsal fin collapse!

"Lolita once share her tank with this killer whale named Hugo. When Hugo died the Miami Seaquarium dumped his remains in a Miami Dade landfill. If Lolita is not freed, this is the future that awaits her" - Roland Yock Kim

PLEASE join the board "Seaworld-the Truth" and ask your friends to help spread the word about these enslaved animals! Joining the board will help spread the word widely. Let's stop this cruel treatment and put an end to the enslavement of these animals.


Boycott Seaworld 'Don't buy a ticket'

Owning a Pitbull is a lifestyle!

All those beautiful animals you pay to see in aquariums were kidnapped from their habitats. Lets not forget that the mothers who drowned trying to save their young and the babies who drowned trying to get back to their mothers were cut open, filled with rocks, had anchors attached to their tales, and were sunk so they wouldn't be found. #Blackfish

WWF : Le thon rouge est proche de l'extinction

Faire attention a ce qu'on mange compte, c'est pas parce que ce n'est pas mignon que l'on peut l'ignorer.

Would you let it happen to me? Whales in captivity