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The Lost Souls of Kabul: Photographs by James Nachtwey

Afghanistan is the world’s leading producer of opium poppy. NATO spends tens of millions annually on anti-drug measures to prevent Afghan dope from flooding Moscow, New York and London – and profits from filling Taliban war coffers. By James Nachtwey

Afghan opium production is thriving

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L'Afghanistan au coeur de la liberté de la presse

Steve McCurry - Poppy field, Badakhshan, 1992

War on drugs must be Afghan top priority: UN chief

Which country is the world’s largest opium producer? Afghanistan ? Turkmenistan ? Pakistan ? Brunei ? Indonesia ? Answer: (on site)

Afghan Farmers: Opium Is The Only Way To Make A Living

An Afghan farmer collects raw opium as he works in a poppy field in Nangarhar province on April 29. Poppy cultivation reached a record high this year despite Western efforts to reduce it.

The Children of Crystal Farzana, 11, help her sister, Jamila, 7, to smoke crystal, a very pure heroin made in Afghanistan. Both say that if they don't use heroin for one day, they feel pain in their body. Their parents went to beg in the city and left them with drugs to spend the day quietly. Addiction among children is widespread in Afghanistan as there is a strong belief that opium is a medicine. 30 years of war have made Afghanistan a narco-state.

Opium addiction ravages Afghan families. Father giving opium to his baby. By Rukmini Callimachi. In dozens of mountain hamlets in this remote corner of Afghanistan, opium addiction has become so entrenched that whole families — from toddlers to old men — are addicts.