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Pampers: Mom, 1

Cream Cheese; Borden. Yes; new cream cheese in slices. Family because it is convenient if you have a lot to do like running around with the family. Parents or those in a family who are very busy. Persuade, its trying to get you to see that the slices are easier to put on the bread than spreading it and more convenient. It is modernized and it is simple with good organization. The transition from rough cream cheese to perfect slice makes the slice seem better. Adriana J.

100 ans - Oreo - Draft FCB

Peugeot: Shapes, 1

Nescafé ad

WWF Save #ads, #advertising, #cute

1. Crest 3D white. 2. As nature intended 3. It uses the recent bad news and makes it funny that their product can clean it up. 4. Older 20+ 5. Persuade readers to use there toothpaste 6. It uses the recent news of the oil spill and shows how powerful it is. The cool colors grab attention. 7. Nick W.

1.Toothpaste, Crest 2.Yes, As Nature Intended 3.It is using pollution and whitening it up where the crest was used, the picture does address the technique. 4.Adults, 20+ 5.I think its made to entertain and make the reader laugh because of how they show the toothpaste cleaning up the muck. 6.It is filed with dark grays and where the toothpaste has been, it has a clear blue and white spot to show the clean sky. 7. Nick W.

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