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In Love With Traditional Japanese Clothing? You're Not Alone

Habits traditionnels japonais.

Gris, froid, masculin, sexy.

Average looking person from every country…

I'd seen something like this for women - but this is the first time I've seen the men's version. So here you go - images of hundreds (if not thousands) of men in various countries merged together to create the "average" face for each nationality.

This is a group of 117 people who died for their faith between 1745 and 1862. They included Europeans and Asians. There were eight bishops, 50 priests and 59 laymen. They were beatified at different times during the 20th century and canonised together in 1988.During the first 200 years of Christianity in Vietnam it is believed more than 100,000 were martyred. Most of their names have been lost. The earliest ones were the Spanish Dominicans Francisco Gil and Alonzo Lenziana. In 1798 the…

NCE Practice Question #nceprep A group setting w/ a flexible seating arrangement; it is likely that: a. a male leader in a designer suit & a female client in cutoff jeans sit together. b. a Hispanic male leader in a designer suit & an Asian male client in a designer suit sit together. c. a Caucasian female leader in a designer outfit & a Caucasian male client in old jeans sit together. d. a male leader in a designer suit & a female client in a jogging suit & old shoes sit together. Answer…

Vintage Booklet - Heian Military Ensemble :: Hairdressing in Vogue in Kyoto from End of Tokugawa to Beginning of Meiji :: Kamakura Boys Attire - Published Taisho 7 1918, via Flickr. | #monochrome #brown #vintage #japanese

KieraTerrelle - skortgorl: mixxmix_live

If you're not the type to mix'n'match your colors and prints, stick to a two-colored, plain #Tuxedo ensemble. Keep your #TuxedoShirt black to accentuate the tailored fit of your #TuxedoVest and #TuxedoJacket. #MensFashion #MensWear