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Natural astaxanthin farm (So Dr Mercola's brand is the highest kg of natural astaxanthin as it is living green microalgae (Haematococcus Pluvialis) which has 10,000 to 30,000 kg compared to krill oil which is only 737 kg

Green gold: the alchemy of algae | Global Water Intelligence - Archive: Global Water Intelligence

✭ Dunaliella salina - Souche - 250ml Spootbag ✭ Dunaliella salina est une souche particulièrement riche en béta-carotène de la famille des caroénoïdes. Elle permet de nourrir des espèces de zooplancton (artémias...).

Brad Reeves, chief executive manager of Maui Tropical Algae Farm, stands next to a 120-liter bag of Haematococcus algae in “the green stage.” Green algae are kept indoors under low light levels for up to two weeks. Photo: Eileen Chao

#Spirulina was once classified as a plant because of “its richness in plant pigments as well as its ability of photosynthesis,” according to a study published in the journal Cardiovascular Therapeutics. New understanding of its genetics, physiology and biochemical properties caused scientists to move it to the bacteria kingdom, in the genus Arthrospira at first, and later into the genus Spirulina. #CCRES #ALGAE TEAM

algae (Spirulina) bioreactor tubes in Germany - Spiralps production site #Spirulina #Spiruline

Growing Spirulina 567 × 382 Above you see two separate algae strains, Dunaliella (left), and Spirulina which are obviously very different being grown in open ponds, or raceways

Jeremy Ashton did a great job with this picture. #algem #algae #photobioreactor