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Oneida Nation member Karen Ann Hoffman of Stevens Point with raised beadwork urn recently purchased by the Smithsonian Museum of the American Indian for their permanent collection.

Iroquois child wearing traditional Iroquois dress. Love this. My high school is named Iroquois

Two Iroquois Cornhusk Dolls:On display at the Tuscarora NA Museum, NY

Colorful round porcupine quill box : First Nations; Mi'kmaq, c 1900 dyed and natural porcupine quill, birchbark, spruce root and painted pine 12 cm x 16 cm x 16 cm. Shown at New Brunswick Museum.

Printing - A Fruitful Exchange - The Magazine Antiques

18th century Iroquois leggings on dyed deerskin, decorated with either porcupine quills or moosehair embroidery, trade beads and silk ribbon work. National Museum of the American Indian.

First Peoples Fund - Betty Willems

Inspirational Beautiful Metis beading.

Tubular beadwork (Chenille Stitch): a simple idea for a tubular beadwork | Beaded Jewelry .____. Facebook ------°°°° To contact me, send an email to