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Coffins. Warsaw ghetto, 1941. Heinz Joest.


Władysław Szlengel – poet, journalist, stage actor. Born in 1914 in Warsaw. Polish-writing author, creator of lyrics for popular prewar songs (for instance Jadziem Panie Zielonka), most popular poet of the ghetto, called the chronicler of the sinking, died on the 8th of May 1943, during the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising


Warsaw, Poland, Children on a ghetto street, 19/09/1941, .Heinz Joest.


Jewish little girl from Prague, Eva Nemova, born in 1937. Picture made in a studio before deportation to Terezin in November 1941. Eva died in Terezin or Auschwitz.


Warsaw, Poland, Starving children sitting on the pavement in the ghetto. Heinz Joest.

2 warsaw

Heinz Joest was a German soldier posted in the Warsaw area in 1941. It is said that he was given a special leave on the occasion of his birthday and toured Warsaw and the Warsaw Ghetto, when he took these pictures. Later evidence found by the journalist Schwarberg who discovered and published the collection suggests that in fact Joest took the pictures during a series of visits to the ghetto.


Milena Jesenska, Czech journalist, writer, editor and translator, refused to abandon her Jewish friends and was deported with several of them to Ravensbruck concentration camp, where she died.