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Adolf Hitler greets a group of girls before giving a May Day speech to members of the Hitler Youth and its sister organization, the Bund Deutscher Madel (League of German Girls), at the Lustgarten, Berlin, 01.05.1939.

Der Führer in Wilhelmshaven-1936. (via juliamuller1889). By 1936, people were seeing vast improvements in their work- life balance, and it was all due to Adolf. No wonder they treated him like the Messiah.

Rochus Misch, who died on Sept 5, 2013 in Germany at age 96, was the last surviving Hitler bodyguard who witnessed the last moments of the dictator. Misch was in the Berlin bunker when Hitler shot himself and was operating the switchboard. He spent 8 years in Soviet captivity and returned to Germany in 1953.His memoir in German, Der letzte Zeuge (The Last Witness), was published in 2008.

A Russian soldier carries a statue head of Adolf Hitler, Berlin, May, 1945.

Pz.VI 'Tiger' (Nº123) - 1.sPz.Abt.503 - Operation Citadel near Kursk, Russia - Summer of 1943 From left, foreground: Leutnant Linsser, Hauptfeldwebel Haase, Hauptmann Burmeister and Unteroffizer Lewandowski. The fate of the tank and the crew is unknown. (Colourised by Doug)

April 20, 1943 at the Berghof. Hitler’s 54th birthday. A Hoffmann outtake and almost never seen. (via putschgirl)

Neville Arthur Chamberlain and Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler with the Boy Scout. Unpublished photograph.

Some buildings were right on the border between East and West Berlin. Until the windows were guarded and bricked closed, people tried to escape by jumping out the windows to freedom in West Berlin.

Going through an opening in the wall in Berlin