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Fibro nerve pain. This is a very good diagram of what hurts where. How ever, you never know how bad it's going to be, for how long. You can't take it one day at a time. You have to take it moment by moment.

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Low Back Pain Could Be a Tight or Shortened Psoas. (pronounced: So-as). The Psoas is a hip flexor located deep in the abdomen attaching the femur to the pelvis and lumbar spine. The lumbosacral nerve plexus runs through it. Prolonged sitting and lack of exercise can shorten the Psoas. When we stand after sitting for a while, the shortened Psoas pulls the lumbar spine forward into increased lordosis (sway back). A stiff, achy or painful low back & sciatic pain is often a result.

You can see here how the muscles from your legs attach to your lower spine. If they are tight and short, they pull on your spine and cause low back pain. (That's what muscles do!) There are different muscular causes for back pain but this psoas muscle stretch may be just what you need for lower back pain relief. :)

Vertebral subluxations affect the MUSCULOSKELETAL SYSTEM as well as EVERY OTHER ORGAN SYSTEM IN THE BODY

Hand Reflexology ~~ techniques and step by step instructions

Tongue examination before acupuncture i have no idea why i pinned this.

Hand and Foot Reflexology Meridians – What are they and how do you use them?

LOVE this foot chart!!! More like this on