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Reverse Back to Zero Shamash As GateKeeper of Natural Law in order to Realise all Soul connections between 13/23[1\1] 2009 - 23/13[1\1] 2015 Erase the eXistens of merge matter and antimatter in everyone I have been connected to: Soul to Soul Heart to Heart Core to Core God Particle to GodParticle Root to Root Kundalini to Kundalini Mind to Mind Emotional Body to Emotional Body Spirit to Spirit Memory to Memory Dream to Dream Thought to Thought Word to Word Feelings to Feelings Shiva to…

Chasse of Champagnat | French | The Met - A chasse, châsse or box reliquary is a shape commonly used in medieval metalwork for reliquaries and other containers. To the modern eye the form resembles a house, though a tomb or church was more the intention,[1] with an oblong base, straight sides and two sloping top faces meeting at a central ridge, often marked by a raised strip and decoration. From the sides there are therefore triangular "gable" areas.

Hope joy peace - One of those verses that just makes me breathe deeper