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Africa | Senufo Kpeliye'e Mask | Wood; dark brown patina. ca. 1970 or earlier

Africa | Goro Mask. The Guro people are found in Ivory Coast;

Kpeliye Poro Mask - Senufo / Kouflo - Ivory Coast ? "A sorcerer does not heal himself? ..." ... African wisdom Kpeliyé'e (face dancer acrobat) or Kodaliyé'e (opposite the Kodal) are the two names for this type of mask face that always comes in pairs (male and female) mainly at funerals of members of the Poro to expel the the spirit of the dead among the living. According to "arts premiers of Ivory Coast" Sepia editions.

Africa | Face mask of the "je" group "lomane" from the Yaure people of the Bouaflé region of the Ivory Coast | Wood | Masks with the depiction of a hornbill are called "lomane". Masks with two bird sculptures on top were considered as part of the "lo"-ensemble, which appears at funerals of wise men, after the "je" masks. "Lomane" used to dance around the body of the deceased, bending over the dead body and touching it.

The art expressed by the Senufo Senufo mask

Senufo Kpeliye'e Mask, Ivory Coast

Africa | Mask from the Kulango people of north east Ivory Coast | Wood

Africa | Mask from the Yaure (Yohourè) people of the Ivory Coast | Wood with dark patina, decorated with brass plates and tacks | ca. 1919 - 1935