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Try our perineal massage guide to help prevent tearing or an episiotomy during childbirth.


So adorable. Sweater cocoon Idea for crochet instead of knit, open on both sides so much easier to use?

How to Do Perineal Massage Perineal massage involves gently kneading the perineum (the delicate area located between the anus and the vagina. This practice is most often undertaken during the final weeks of pregnancy in order to alleviate tears to the perineal during childbirth. Sometimes, regular perineal massage can eliminate the need for an episiotomy (making a small cut in the perineum to facilitate the baby’s head.)

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The Bapron - so cute!

Perineal massage may help you avoid pain and tears to your perineum during…

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Africa | Young mother with twins. | Scanned postcard; published by Hoa-qui

baby gifting knit ~

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