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configuration mitre calibre numérique

Increase tablesaw dust-collection efficiency Making removable covers that fit over the large openings at the front and rear of your tablesaw will greatly increase the efficiency of your dust collector. I made mine with 1/8" tempered hardboard and self-adhesive flexible magnets from a crafts-supply store. When I need to tilt the blade, I just pull off the covers. -- Randy Lee, Fairfield, Ohio

The Best and Simplest Table Saw Improvement / La meilleure et la plus simple amélioration pour banc de scie

If you think of your tablesaw as a machine for simply ripping or crosscutting, you're selling it short. To give you a fresh perspective, we mined the minds of the WOOD® magazine shop guys and unearthed their favorite time- and work-saving tablesaw tips. Here's a mother lode of helpful hints you can put to work in your shop today.

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Benchtop Saw Upgrade

I improved the tabletop of my bottom-of-the-line table saw, and the saw’s performance has gone through the roof. A piece of MDF, a few scraps and screws, and a couple hours work was all it took. It saved me hundreds of dollars because I didn’t need to buy a bigger and better saw for my space-deprived shop. The tabletop is made from 1/2″ MDF (you can use thicker material, but …

All Angle Miter Gauge / Guide à onglets pour tout angle

Any angle miter gauge jig

Tapered handle for allen wrenches.

My Improved Miter Slot Digital Gauge / Ma jauge numérique pour rainures améliorée

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