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OH MY GOSH! I just thought about this. You know how Kid is always complaining about the girls being different "sizes"? And then it's a genderbend, so... well, that's awkward...
SOUL EATER, Death the Kid, Black Star, soul
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Death the kid is my husband... sorry other fangirls but i beat you to it. do gender bends annoy anyone else? just me?
I will never ship these two, but this is awesome! I can totally see her doing that. Also, Sai looks terrifying. http://amzn.to/2tOEmSw
Maka Albarn x Death the Kid.  (with jealous soul in the background) Such a logical pair, I think.  But it's mosty just the adorableness factor.  And have you seen the way he looks at her in the manga??
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