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Last photo of Lenin, in 1923. Persistent stories mark syphilis as the cause of Lenin's death. The mental strains of leading a revolution, governing, and fighting a civil war aggravated the physical debilitation consequent to the wounds from the attempted assassinations; Lenin retained a bullet in his neck, until a German surgeon removed it on 24 April 1922. Among his comrades, Lenin was notable for working almost ceaselessly, 14-16hrs daily.

A Canadian soldier giving his dog a bath, February 1918 | World War I

Death of Emiliano Zapata, 1919. Murdered by Carranza, the Caudillo del Sur was part of the Mexican "betrayed" Revolution.

Autochrome, (not colorized) 1910s

"Imre Kertész (b.1929) - Nobel Prize winner, as a kid in with concentration camp number. Writer was a holocaust survivor who´s novel Sorstalanság is one of the best holocaust books ever written."

Sarah Bernhardt, photographer : Nadar, 1860’s.- she was so beautiful..

Anarchist militia women, Spanish Civil War

1926 Ernest Hemingway and first wife, Hadley Richardson (The Paris Wife), with their son, John Nicanor Hemingway.