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Just some friendly brotherly beard braiding

If you didn't read this in his voice you should have a Lord of the rings marathon ASAP

Lord of the Rings heroes by Francisco Guerrero /// Galadriel

Hobbits after 10 years

The four hobbits hehe :)

Voici deux nouvelles photos de Richard Armitage dans le rôle de Thorin Oakenshield pour « Le Hobbit : Un Voyage Inattendu », de Peter Jackson, qui ...

The watcher in the water. that was some freaky real crap right there. thought i was gonna jump out of my skin.

The actors who played Kili, Fili, and Thorin talk about the relationship of the three dwarves. The imbalance of head hair to their beard hair is totally throwing me off, but I'm assuming it's to accomodate their massive Dwarvish wigs and such.

#Hobbit Dwarves Cheat #Sheet