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papillons sur tête de mort --> naturalia Le crâne dit: Hey ! Salut toi ! Moi…

Haute Decoration - and there he is, where I left him. On top of the cabinet.

steampunktendencies: Photo by Sergio Royzen.

christophermarkperez ~ Curious Creatures ~ Our Multiverse Voyageur left behind a few very curious creations. These are beyond present comprehension to explain or understand. They just are. For better or worse. #Dark #Gasmask #Steampunk

19 squelettes parés de somptueux bijoux qui vont vous impressionner

St. Leontius (Muri, Switzerland)

Where can I find this chair? I NEED IT!!!!

One of Morbid Anatomy Museum's New Years Resolutions is to sort and process old photographs from trips gone by. To that end, we just posted some photos from the Kunstkammer Georg Laue-curated Wunderkammer Olbricht at Berlin's me Collectors Room taken back in 2010.You can see a full set of images (and find out more information) by clicking here: From Morbid Anatomy Facebook

Antiquated Druggist