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Yuyuan Garden: “In 1842, during the Opium Wars, the British army occupied the Town God Temple for five days. During the Taiping Rebellion the gardens were occupied by imperial troops, and damaged again by the Japanese in 1942. They were repaired by the Shanghai government from 1956-1961, opened to the public in 1961, and declared a national monument in 1982.”

homo-érotisme et amitié russo-chinoise au temps des soviets - Le blog des diagonales du temps

Marie-Fleur :)

Cool Sino Soviet Propaganda Images

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Heritage buildings in Penang linked by an open air courtyard and converted into gallery, cafe, restaurant space. Could while away many hours here

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Le Marais in Paris, Île-de-France. Great area open on Sundays. Lots of shops, cafes, and people watching

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