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It is not good to be in Scituate, Massachusetts.

A farmer is supporting a flock of sheep trapped by flooding in Darzeze (Albania), on 2 February. Heavy rains have forced thousands to evacuate their homes, and many roads were left submerged.

storm over Colorado by haley luna

On January 27, the snow is falling on Massachusetts. Charlie Glover uses a snow blower to clear sidewalks of New Bedford, where the snow depth reached 45 cm.

Tornado lightning by MaldenDj

Hmmm. And what did Jesus say about those who take up the sword? Matt 26:52

Katrina Memorial - New Orleans, LA: "Honoring the people and remembering the events that occurred August 29, 2005 Hurricane Katrina."

SOOO...things are BIGGER in Texas...so "they" say! photo cred KTAB IN Rising Star Tx! 4/26/15 Pic taken from CNN

Mind-Blowing Smeared Sky Photography by Matt Molloy | Bored Panda

Mammatus clouds over Nebraska, an after effect of tornadoes by Don Halbert

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