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some modern au selfies at school

some modern au selfies at school

atla modern au by dekuhornet on DeviantArt

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Some headcanons about the opposite element AU. In this AU the Water Tribes attacked and wiped out the Earth Kingdom, making Aang the last earthbender. The Northern and Southern Air Temples were conquered by the Water Tribes; the Western Air Temple formed an alliance with the Fire Nation and the Eastern Air Temple is neutral, the Air Nomads eventually spreading out across the fallen Earth Kingdom building graves and temples. When Sokka and Katara are on a Fire Nation ship heading to the…

Bolin & Pabu | Legend of Korra | Avatar

More headcanons for the opposite element AU - Sokka, Katara and Yue grew up together and are close friends. In this AU Yue’s name is Hinata (meaning ’facing the sun’) because of the sun’s importance to the Fire Nation.

the martial arts of Avatar: The Last Airbender, explained by Sifu Kisu [click through for gifs on all four styles!]

Welcome to the Jasmine Dragon | Zuko | The Last Airbender | Avatar | (gif)

Moon spirit Yue

Modern Toph and Katara!!!! love it!!