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'Next Door's Cat' by Gary Bunt (gb1)

He sits up there and goes mee-ow He's furry fat and black Make sure you chase him everyday Because that thing is a cat. Gary Bunt.

"Trois chats" par Oxana Zaika

Gary Bunt. Rain stops play It's raining cats and dogs today Which means I can't go out to play.

Girl with Angora Cat | by Morris Hirschfield

Gary Bunt -The Broken Fence - Someone is digging holes In my masters flower beds They've even left their calling card In amongst his veg I'm not a happy dog you know For through these broken slats I'm looking at the culprits It's next doors bloody cats

Kira Panina

Gary Bunt | The Cat Flap - It really is not my day today I'm being ridiculed by next doors cat I chased him up the garden path And got my arse stuck in the flap

Pierre Alechinsky, 1986

Charlotte Hardy

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