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3pcs Nail Art Tiny Precise Liner Detailer Brushes Pens for Nailart Drawing Painting (White Handle) by Winstonia. $1.96. Tiny sable bristle - great for drawing details, create strokes, marble effect. Winstonia's 3pcs Nail Art Drawing brushes. Can also use on glitter powder, crushed shells and so on. Bristle Length: #1 - 0.5mm, #2 - 0.7mm, #3 - 1cm. Material: Nylon Hair. This 3pcs Nail Art Drawing Brushes come with tiny precise sable bristles, let you work on details nail...

3pcs UV Gel Acrylic Drawing Flat Pens & 3pcs Tiny Precision Liner Detailer Brushes For Nail Art / Crafts With Bonus 2-Way Paint by La Demoiselle. $9.99. 6pcs Nail Art Drawing and 3D Brushes. 3pcs UV Gel Wooden Handle Black and Red Brush Set Includes: 1 x Acrylic brush, 1 x Flat gel brush, 1 x Oblique Shape Brush. Bonus: 2-Way Varnish Paint (Random Color). 3pcs Tiny Precision Brushes - great for drawing details. Bristle Length: 0.5mm, 0.7mm, 1cm. Material: Nylon Hair. 3 Piec...


essie - tart decor #nails

Essie - Off the Shoulder

Uñas flores 2.0

Ace Nail Brush 1 ea by Goody. $7.95. Designed with long, dense bristles for cleaning outer nails and cuticles. Designed with an extra large, rubberized grip for man-sized hands. Durable Bristles. Designed with short, slanted bristles to scrub away grit under nails. Scrub FingernailsDual-Action Durable Bristles Man-siz

Essie – Miss Fancy pants

Punchy Pink. Awesome summer color.

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