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DIY Simply Spirals - Open toilet tissue tube, cut diagonally along the seam. Following the same diagonal line cut 1/4 to 1/2" wide strips from the tube.Punch a hole in the end of each strip. Wrap strip around the 1" dowel, hold for a few seconds. Brush on a coat of white craft paint to cover both sides & ends of ea. Let dry for 1 hr. Then spiral the strip around the dowel again. Glue over ea. strip.Cover w/glitter. Let dry, repeat. Thread a piece of wire or an ornament hanger in hole.

Gumdrop Christmas Ornament-Materials: 2" Styrofoam ball Acrylic paint - red, orange, green, purple, yellow Paint brush Crystal glitter * Serrated knife (such as a steak knife) 2 1/2" Piece of thin wire (approximately 30 gauge) White glue (such as Elmer's or tacky glue) Toothpick *In the container, crystal glitter looks much like white glitter but is more translucent

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The secret of how to make a star ornament that looks beautiful and intricate, but is surprisingly simple to make. A homemade Christmas decoration your friends will marvel at! I've actually made these, they're so beautiful when done and really worth the time it takes to make!