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In 1877, after nearly ten years of hard work and painful endurance, Tetsuryou-kai of the Shingon sect of Buddhism in Japan successfully turned himself into a mummy... and he's not the only one (or even the first)!

Resident evil zombies

Ken Kitano revisite les portraits avec "Our Face"

Our Face - 35 Esoteric Buddhist Monks of the Shingon sect studying at KOHYA Mountain Special School in Wakayama, Japan - Photo : Ken Kitano

Rick Baker zombie from Disney's Haunted Mansion movie .

COVERT SCIENCE: EVERYTHING YOU KNOW IS WRONG. Fishing in Hawk’s Lake near Clarkson, Minnesota in 1971, Jim Hughes, 16, landed what he thought was a ‘really big, ugly fish.’ He dropped it after unhooking it when it said, ‘Hurts! Hurts!’ in a clear, deep voice. It then slid back into the lake. Pic taken by his brother, Bill Hughes, 19, who said he heard it too. Both claimed it had ‘man-like hands with fingers—and blue eyes.’ It scared the 'holy crap’ out of them."Hoax or Smoking Gun?…

Skull, calaveras, placido de la rosa, belts, leather belts, cuero, serpiente, cocodrilo, hardrock, motocycle, summer,

So much has been written about the notorious leaping terror, Spring-Heeled Jack, and his activities between 1838 and 1904, that it's hard to make sense of it all... but it's definitely an intriguing mess. Alien, Demon, Guy in Costume, even possibly a Bored Aristocrat... are any of these guesses even partially correct?

Palermo Mummy Capuchin Catacombs Palermo Italy