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When you feel like quitting, think about why you started

J'ai pris cette image car cette image représente la mer at aussi u miroir et je trouvais très intéréssant d'en parler parce que cette oeuvre et magnifique avec les dégrader bleu pour faire la mer aussi je vois comme un corps dans l'oeuvre comme si la personne voulais représenter quel q'un qui allais a la mer.

dissociation-when you're there but not there. you feel detached, as though you're observing but not part of the world around you. dissociation is the body's response to trauma. you "check out" so you don't feel the pain. without treatment dissociation can become an unhealthy way of coping with painful feelings. by withdrawing from painful feelings you lose the ability to use feelings to keep you safe and manage your life. you withdraw, isolate, and are at increased risk of suicide.

Someone having a panic attack experiences a sudden and intense sensation of fear. They may feel they have lost control and feel desperate to get out of the situation that has triggered their anxiety.

I wish that everyone considered this. It is perception that drives our own reality and so often people assume to know more than they do. The only way to know what someone feels, thinks or means is to ask. This is how I choose to live my life, and even though sometimes asking is a hard thing to do, at least I can feel proud and confident about perceptions of others.