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hermes short nylon running shorts and new york marathon shirt are a must

Jason, don't be full of yourself!

((OPEN RP, BE PERCY)) After Capture the Flag, I stumble back, falling onto my butt in the river when a glowing trident appears on my head. One boy in the crowd whispers, "I have a sister." and proceeds to run up to me and give me a huge hug.

Annabeth and Reyna with each others camp shirt by leukanthes on DeviantArt

Annabeth and Piper - Camp Half-Blood girls

Olympe,Règles De Filles,Filles Hoo,Héros De Filles,Idée Parfaite,Cheveux Bouclés,Je Travaille,Ferirce Girls,Girls Pjo

by minuiko: Piper and Annabeth reuinting after Annabeth's adventure in Tartarus