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Making a Spectacle of Star Formation in Orion - Messier 78 - Wikipedia…

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17 Nebula Shapes You Didn't Know Existed

Inside the Carina Nebula: Cropped from original 465 mb tif image. A towering “mountain” of cold hydrogen gas laced with dust is the site of new star formation in the Carina Nebula (NGC 3372). The great gas pillar is being eroded by the ultraviolet radiation from the hottest newborn stars in the nebula. This portion of the Carina Nebula is home to some of the most intense star formation in the Milky Way galaxy. Credit: NASA/Hubble

This is a deep image of the Sword of Orion - the three stars that make up the weapon hanging off the belt of this famous celestial hunter. The image showcases the amazing mix of physical and optical processes including atomic emission, Rayleigh scattering, reflection and absorbtion of light, that go on in this star forming region to create this kaleidescope of colours and details.

Infant stars from the Hubble Telescope, how amazing is this

The Triangulum Emission Nebula - NGC 604 Located 2.7 million light-years away in the constellation Triangulum lies the massive nebula known as NGC 604. Though such nebulae are common in galaxies, this one is particularly large, nearly 1,500 light-years across, and it dominates a portion of galaxy M33’s spiral arm. Nebula NGC 604 is also an area of intense star formation. At the heart of the nebula there are over 200 hot stars, most are more massive than our Sun with the largest being up to…

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