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June 25, 1996: A Star Forming Region in the LMC - Credit: C. Smith (U. Michigan), Curtis Schmidt Telescope, CTIO, Chile - Explanation: Stars sometimes form in colorful ways. Pictured above is a small region in the nearby LMC galaxy where stars are forming. After a star is born, it may do several things to energize its immediate neighborhood. More...

Exploring Universe: NGC 3627: Revealing Hidden Black Holes The spiral galaxy NGC 3627 is located about 30 million light years from Earth. This composite image includes X-ray data from NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory (blue), infrared data from the Spitzer Space Telescope (red), and optical data from the Hubble Space Telescope and the Very Large Telescope (yellow).

Wolf-Rayet Bubble |

M81 a Spiral Galaxy in Ursa Major

May 23, 1996: Stellar Violence in 30 Doradus - Credit: Anglo-Australian Telescope photograph by David Malin Copyright: Anglo-Australian Telescope Board - Explanation: The largest, most violent star forming region known in the whole Local Group of galaxies lies in our neighboring galaxy the LMC. Were 30 Doradus at the distance of the Orion Nebula -- a local star forming region -- it would take up fully half the sky. More...