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« A detail of Realms of the Unpronounceable by Allyson Grey @allysongreycosm »

Psychedelic Spirit Paintings, Alex Grey Art Gallery

Cosmic Christ, Alex Grey. So much detail in this picture, it's mind blowing.

Build Entheon with Alex Grey & Allyson Grey by CoSM — Kickstarter

Racine carrée - Imprimer Par Allyson Gris

Up close and personal with Alex Grey's Net of Being at CoSM. #AlexGrey #CoSM #ChapelOfSacredMirrors

The Soul Finds Its Way Home - 2001, Acrylic on Wood Panel, 11 x 14 In. Alex Grey Anthony Ayahuasca (Skytree's Quetzalcoatl remix) segment; further progress of the soul into the realm of enlightenment; delving into alternative states of consciousness deeper and beyond the everyday "functional" consciousness

Alex Grey (@alexgreycosm) | Twitter

Theirs an extensive amount of energy in this piece. To me, it represents the visual love, strength & connection between a parent and child. Alex Grey - Young & Old

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My favourite piece by Alex Grey, the artist who collaborates frequently with the band Tool.