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apotheosis-hooded-jacket-by-luke-brown.jpg (900×900)

rainbow-body-print-by-luke-brown.jpg (900×900)

More micro detail progress on Vishvarupa... Love those 000 brushes

tetragramatron-ladies-shirt-by-luke-brown.jpg (900×900)

Anthropomorph Earth ...2004 oil on canvas

baphomet-t-shirt-by-luke-brown-.jpg (900×900)

Kwan Yin ...acrylic on canvas 2012

crystal-forrest-canvas-print-by-luke-brown.jpg (900×900)

Finally completed the latest incarnation of the Fractal Filligree mask. This time with gold/silver/copper leaf applied.barely any time to hang out with it before it's in it's way to its new owner..

tumblr_m9ly1rQnIN1rq3ouco1_1280.jpg (900×1208)