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Queen Victoria, 1867

Princess Louise: the most beautiful - and least conventional - of Queen Victoria's five daughters

Queen Victoria & Prince Albert during their engagement

Reine Victoria (reine du Royaume-Uni de Grande-Bretagne et d'Irlande 1837-1901), Par John Partridge, 1840

Queen Victoria’s council dress

Queen Victoria Princess Victoria Alexandra Olga Mary of Wales Princess Helena Victoria of Schleswig-Holstein

Run aground on rocks. Not dated.

Her Majesty Queen Alexandrina VICTORIA is wearing the Sunray Diadem, said to have been set by Rundell's for Queen Adelaide using family diamonds. The diadem was one of Queen Victoria's special favourites. There appears to be a mystery as to where or who has this tiara.

Princesse Louise de Grande-Bretagne, Duchesse d'Argyll (1848-1939)

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