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Zulu baskets are considered some of the most collectable baskets in the world

Africa | Baskets from the Zulu people of KwaZulu-Natal province in South Africa

Telephone Wire Weaving Basket

Polly Adams Sutton -- a master at natural basketry

Africa | BaTonga Nongo (pot) baskets, Zimbabwe. | Design Afrika ~ Made by hand

Vintage Moroccan Tribal Basket

Africa | "The long stemmed pipe is traditional to the Xhosas ... where a bird in the hand is perhaps not quite as practical as having some chickens on the mind". South Africa | Scanned postcard; published by ART publishers, Durban

Africa | 'Ukhamba' basket woven by the Zulu people of South Africa | To create this traditional basket, weavers use strips of naturally waxy palm fronds wrapped around coils of wild grasses. Some baskets are still used for liquid storage in the rural areas of South Africa. Watertight baskets are readied by rubbing wet cornmeal inside. When liquid is added, the coils swell. Some leaks through, evaporates, and cools the contents.

Africa | Woven telephone wire platter from South Africa.