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TV BREAKING NEWS Dramatic CCTV: Meteorite blast wave blows out doors, windows in Russia - http://tvnews.me/dramatic-cctv-meteorite-blast-wave-blows-out-doors-windows-in-russia/

TV BREAKING NEWS Meteorite hits Russia lighting sky, shattering windows - http://tvnews.me/meteorite-hits-russia-lighting-sky-shattering-windows/


Meteorite crash in Russia: Video of meteorite explosion that stirred panic in Urals region

NGC 3718 (Arp 214) Distance: 42.4 Million Light Years NGC 3718 and its companion NGC 3729 are physically related members of the Ursa Major galaxy cluster. via Facebook (396×559)


How to ID / Identify a Meteorite - Stone

TV BREAKING NEWS UFO over Russia? Video of meteorite shower that stirred panic in Urals region - http://tvnews.me/ufo-over-russia-video-of-meteorite-shower-that-stirred-panic-in-urals-region/

TV BREAKING NEWS A Car That Runs on Air, Water: Here's How It Works - http://tvnews.me/a-car-that-runs-on-air-water-heres-how-it-works/

Police officers, environmentalists and EMERCOM experts at the site of a meteorite hit in the Chelyabinsk Region. Small 0.5-1 cm pieces of black matter resembling rock were found around the ice hole caused by the meteorite. Photo courtesy of the press service of the Interior Ministry's Main Directorate for the Chelyabinsk Region.(RIA Novosti)

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