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Some folks tend to be paranoid about snakes coming up through the drain, but this is a whole 'nuther order of craziness. This is the Japanese ghost called Toire no Hanako-san who haunts the toilets in girls' restrooms in schools, which are scary places anyhow.

Of all the Urban Legends out there, I think Slender Man is probably the creepiest.

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Daijiro Morohoshi, a Japanese artist who made illustrated adaptations of Chinese strange tales. The character of the boy on the cover is named 阿鬼, Āguǐ, or "a ghost."

Onryo - Japanese Ghost - They are the ghosts of people who died with such strong passions, such as jealousy, rage or hatred, that their soul is unable to pass on, and instead, transforms into a powerful, wrathful spirit bent on vengeance on anyone or anything it encounters.

I got this one FanExpo last year, now framed and sitting in my living room

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