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It is called wife-pastry or lao-po-ping in Chinese. The story of the origin of its name is unique, about a husband who bought his wife back from slavery by selling this cake.

Rumpeln Tummy: Sesam Kürbis Pfannkuchen 芝麻 南瓜 餅

Le Vrai Paris-Brest

Paris Brest! Choux-like dough filled with coffee whipped cream and topped with almonds...#Frenchfood

【Puff pastry cake with egg custard filling】 by MaomaoMom Puff pastry treats are my family's favorite. Making puff pastry is a long and tedious pro

Nougat chinois

chinese sesame nougat

My Little Space: Spiral Kaya Puff

Tarte au fromage blanc

Tarte au fromage blanc from

Chinese wife cakes (homemade) - glazed flaky wheat pastry around a sticky sweet rice flour and pineapple centre.-So... @Ellie Holcomb I found these and thought of you... went to look at the recipe and well... its in chinese.

On dine chez Nanou | Eclair citron meringué , recette de l'Eclair de génie de Christophe Adam |


Muffins with dried apricots -retsep bun with dried apricots and morkovyuKulinarnye recipes