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James Butler Bonham On January 19, 1836, he with James Bowie arrived at the Alamo garrison. He was sent by Lieutenant Colonel Travis to obtain aid for the garrison at Bexar on February 16, 1836. He returned to the Alamo on March 3, bearing through the Mexican lines with a letter from Robert M. Williamson assuring Travis that help was on its way and urging him to hold out. Bonham died in the battle of the Alamo, while manning one of the cannons in the interior of the Alamo chapel.

Davy Crockett ... died at the Alamo, March 6, 1836

Daguerreotype, 1850--quite possibly post Mexican War pic

Jim Bowie, Born: 1795 in Georgia Died: March 6, 1836 at the Alamo near San Antonio, Texas. Jim Bowie was a bold and adventuresome, knife wielding, fighter. He was an aggressive frontiersman that lived most of his life in Louisiana. He had a passion for dealing in land speculation, and was famous for his long knife that was named after him. Jim Bowie moved to Texas in 1828 and he joined the fight against Santa Anna for the independence of Texas from Mexico at the Alamo.

John Wayne's Alamo Movie Set | Re: Alamo - The Alamo - 1960 - John Wayne

Angelina Dickinson was the daughter of Suzanna and Almeron Dickinson and is commonly known as the "Babe of the Alamo", although she was not the only baby inside the old mission at the time of the battle. Angelina was only 15 months old at the time of the Battle of the Alamo. Legend maintains that Col. William Travis placed his “cat’s-eye” ring on a string around Angelina’s neck before the final battle. That ring is on display at the Alamo.

marie-claude vaillan-couturier was a member of the resistance until 1942 when she was arrested and sent to birkenau then ravensbruck ... she remained at ravensbruck after the war, caring for the sick until the last p.o.w. left ... her powerful testimony at nuremberg was devastating to the defense ... afterward, she slowly walked past the nazis, looked each one in the eye, effectively unnerving them ... most bowed their heads but others were unrepentant

The Alamo

Claudia "Lady Bird" Johnson 1912-2007, born in Karnack, TX, First Lady of the US during the presidency of LBJ

The song “The Yellow Rose of Texas” refers to a mulatto slave named Emily West Morgan, who reportedly helped Texas win the Texas Revolution. Owned by Texas Col. James Morgan, Morgan was captured by the Mexican army and held hostage by General Antonio López de Santa Anna. Forced to spend the day satisfying the General, he forgot to warn his Mexican army about the Texas soldiers, thus getting caught by surprise and losing the Battle of San Jacinto

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