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Dance of flame by Hidenobu Suzuki on 500px

I Captured Sakura Bloom In Japan | Bored Panda

Japanese traditional straw hat for Awa-odori dance, Amigasa 編笠

Fire waterfall - Flame of hand tube fireworks would exorcism. It is the traditional fireworks of Japan.(hand tube fireworks) The event will be the ritual worshiping God. Third Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in July: Gion Matsuri Festival of Yoshida-jinja Shrine (held in Toyohashi City, Aichi Prefecture; Old Tokaido Road, Yoshida-juku, the inn town) In the festival, you can see powerful hand-tube fireworks. *Please refer to the video for more information. YouTube↓…

Night of Itsukushima Photo by Hidenobu Suzuki — National Geographic Your Shot

A decorated sacred straw festoon

[Topic Unique] Images drôles et insolites (N°7) - La chambre des Liens (page 348)


Cranes: Michael Tonge, Sendai Japan


Joumyou yama, Gion Festival 飛び越える一来法師。浄妙山。 #kyoto