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Balanophis ceylonensis ~ Blossom Krait This species of venomous snake, family Elapidae, is endemic to Sri Lanka. ”

Boelen’s Python (Morelia boeleni) is a non-venomous python species found in the mountains of New Guinea and Indonesia, it is known locally as the Blu Moran or Papa Graun. No subspecies are currently recognized. The unmistakable and famed Boelen’s Python receives the highest legal protection possible in Papua New Guinea. This species is considered to be highly desirable by private keepers due to its beauty, but is also exceptionally rare in collections. Although captive-born snakes are fai

Brazilian Rainbow Boa (Epicrates cenchria cenchria)

Malagasy Giant Hognose Snake

Desert Mystic Pastel Ball Python Morph

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Les animaux albinos

Albino Serpent- S. B.

✿ Amazonian Snail-Eater (Dipsas indica) is a snake species found in South America. The Amazonian snail-eater depends on closed-canopy rain forest for its diet of snails, which the snake can extract from their shells using its slender jaw. ✿